Friday, December 4, 2009

Autumn Ambystomatids

When I think of the Ambystomatids, the vision that comes to mind is the mass migration of these little amphibians to their breeding pools in the first warm rainy nights of spring. However, as the years have gone on I've come to appreciate seeing them in autumn before the season comes to and end. Not only does autumn seem to be a good time of the year to find these guys, it also provides some bright colored substrate for photos, which contrast very well with the colors of the salamanders. So here's a few Ambystomatids from this fall.

Blue-spotted Salamanders - Ambystoma laterale

Spotted Salamanders - Ambystoma maculatum

Marbled Salamanders - Ambystoma opacum

Eastern Tiger Salamander - Ambystoma tigrinum

Sadly, this is the last I will see of these species until next spring when the warm rains hit in the first few days of April...

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