Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunset in Snowy Country

Temperatures were downright freezing today with highs only reaching the high single digits. Though it was cold we did get to see the sun a bit today, which is a fairly uncommon thing during Michigan winters. I decided to take a drive in the last hour of daylight to the agricultural lands of Isabella County to see if any snowy owls were to be found. With this being a probable record breaking irruption year, owls have been all over open areas like this.

Sunset in Snowy Country, Isabella County, MI
While driving the area through the area I was particularly attentive to power poles, fence lines, and hay bails as these are favorite perching spots for snowies. As I was passing one of the few houses in the area, I noticed a large white bird atop the house's old school antenna. Sure enough, it was a snowy owl.

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), Isabella County, MI
This is one of at least two different owls that has been spotted in this area, the other being a much larger and heavily barred immature female most likely. Two other birders had seen the bird as well and we spent a few minutes admiring the owl from the road. After a few minutes the owl decided to fly off over the horizon. Snowy owls may stick around through the month of February, so if you can, get out and see them while you can!

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